Appointed Fire Marshall Training:  




This course is suitable for those with responsibility for assisting with emergency evacuation arrangements in their workplace.  Relevant for fire wardens and marshals, any managers with fire safety responsibilities, or health and safety representatives.

A thorough course that will give you the skills to assess fire risks and the procedures to fall back on in the event of a fire, ensuring that you can evacuate your colleagues safely and quickly.


No pre course work is required for this fire marshall training course

Course Outline:

This course will:

To enable staff to manage a fire or other similar emergency efficiently and effectively

To meet the legal requirements to train staff. This course has been designed with the core aim of creating a confident person to take charge in an emergency.

Course Content:

What delegates will learn:

  • General Fire Precautions to be observed in all workplaces
  • The role of the Fire Marshall
  • Truth about fires
  • Causes of fire and ignition sources
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 as amended by the Fire Precaution Regulations 1999.
  • Fire Control in Practice
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Fire extinguisher selection
  • Fire extinguisher use and maintenance
  • Emergency/evacuation procedures
  • Knowledge of the organizations fire procedures
  • Action to be taken on hearing a fire alarm
  • Location of Assembly points
  • A Fire Plan and the type of information required by the Fire Brigade on arrival
  • Special arrangements for staff with disabilities and visitors
  • The importance of regular Fire Drills

 A brief understanding of passive and active Fire Protection equipment found in office premises, to include:

  • Automatic Fire Detection Systems (Smoke detectors)
  • Manual Fire Alarm Systems (Break Glass points)
  • Fire and Smoke stop door Theoretical and practical training in the use of
  • First Aid Fire Fighting equipment including Fire Extinguishers maintained for the organization (Subject to a suitable location for safe demonstration)

This course is not required to be accredited

Learning Outcomes;

What will You get out of it?

  • A toolkit to be an effective fire warden
  • The ability and confidence to perform your duties calmly in crisis situations
  • A comprehensive understanding of emergency evacuation procedures


1 Day

No of Delegates – The Total Number of delegates that can sit this is course is a maximum of 12 to uphold the quality of our training and to ensure the course is properly embedded to achieve the companies/individual goals.

Prices – £849 (ex VAT)  Per day for up to 12 delegates trained onsite

(An additional charge for travel will be applied at 40p per mile from Sequence HQ to your premises)