Time Management Training:  



Being an effective time manager enables you to manage your time more efficiently during your busy work life. Having time management skills helps you to plan your day, reduce your stress levels and become more proficient at what you do.

Aims & Objectives;
How does attending a time management course help you?

During the course you understand how to prioritise your time, prepare for time thieves, create a time matrix/plan for your day, learn how to delegate effectively to assist your workload and discuss the art of saying no assertively, something that we all should do and never seem to be able to.

During your session you also discuss how poor time management can create stress and why/what you should be doing to avoid this managing your time more effectively.

Pre-Course Work:
To help you make the most of the time management course it is recommended that you identify what the key areas of work which you consider to be the most important in your role and the most urgent.

To help you, prior to attending the time management course it would useful to complete the following time management self assessment.

Course Content:
Successful time managers understand and actively utilise these methodologies every day, you can be one of those successful time managers too. Remember time management is more than just a `to do` list…..!

This course is ideal for anyone who hasn’t had formal time management training in the past, anyone who finds themselves at the end of the day with workload that has not been completed and anyone that doesn’t actively do the following during their day:

  • Prepare for time thieves
  • Delegate effectively
  • Takes on more work than they can handle
  • Finds themselves stressed with work
  • Plan and prepare

During this time management training courses you cover:

Identify and create your personal time management system

Identifying your Time Management Issues

Planning your time

  • Managing Projects with “time lines”
  • Setting SMART objectives

Eliminating Time Wasters

Saying “No” assertively, without guilt

Recognising & Managing Stress

  • Understand time thieves and strategies to beat them
  • Motivate yourself to use your time creatively and productively
  • Calculate controllable and uncontrollable time

Manage deadlines

  • Learn how to prioritise your workload
  • Strategies for solving time management challenges
  • Respond effectively to changing priorities
  • Be assertive, and learn the art and science of delegation

Learning Outcomes;
By the end of the Time Management Course you should have:

  • Understood the principles and practice of time management,
  • Increase awareness of how you manage time.
  • Identified ways in which good working practices can help.
  • Used some basic tools to identify work flow and priorities.
  • Implement ways of improving your time management and organisation of work
  • Understood what delegation is and how it can be used effectively.
  • Become assertive when dealing with others.
  • Prepared an action plan of things to do back at work, to implement learning
  • How to schedule ad-hoc time and prioritise your workload

N.B The workshop is a mixture of input by the facilitator as well as opportunities to discuss with others good working practices and techniques. Real examples are used to make the learning more focused and relevant.

Duration:1 Days

No of Delegates: The Total Number of delegates that can sit this is course is a maximum of 12 to uphold the quality of our training and to ensure the course is properly embedded to achieve the companies / individual goals. 

Prices; £849 (ex VAT)  Per day for up to 12 delegates trained onsite

To book your Time Management please all us on 01753 000000 or alternatively email info@sequencetraining.co.uk

(An additional charge for travel will be applied at 40p per mile from Sequence HQ to your premesis)