Recruitment and Selection Training Course:  



This 2 day course will give anyone who is responsible for recruiting a clear overview of the legal implications and best practice in relation to interviewing techniques

Pre Requisites:
Before the programme participants to research the following:

  • Employment legislation
  • Evidence based interview techniques
  • Impact of body language on interviews

We also request that the company to make Sequence Training aware of their current recruitment and selection systems and procedures

Course Content:

Overview and stages of the Recruitment Process
Recruitment and selection methods
Overcoming our subjectivity

Overview of the Legal Implications
Race, sex and disability, sexual orientation, religion and belief, age and gender reassignment discrimination
Direct and indirect discrimination in the recruitment process
Reasonable adjustments
Data protection issues
Diversity and employment law
How well do you know the Law?
The ‘horns and halo’ effect

Job Descriptions

Job descriptions and person specifications
Contents of a Job Description
Writing a Person Specification
Planning and drafting adverts
Recommended Structure
Writing a job advertisement and advertising with diversity in mind

Interviewing skills

Questioning techniques for gathering accurate and detailed information
Creating the right atmosphere for an interview
Interviewing strategies
Good Interview practice
Roles and Responsibilities
Length of Interview
Body Language
Note Taking
Structuring the Interview
Role-playing a selection interview with a feedback and analysis session following each interview.

Candidate Assessment

Evidence based candidate assessment
Questioning candidates
Writing Interview Questions
Using Fair Questions
Giving feedback to candidates and colleagues
Receiving feedback
Practice interviews with feedback
Open session to cover any questions or specific cases attendees may have.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An understanding of employment law in relation to interviewing

  • A knowledge of different types of recruitment and selection techniques

  • A list of useful questions to ask at interview

  • An understanding of how subjectivity can affect the end result

  • A structured process to use for future interviews


2 Days

No of Delegates: – The Total Number of delegates that can sit this is course is a maximum of 12 to uphold the quality of our training and to ensure the course is properly embedded to achieve the companies / individual goals

Prices £849 (ex VAT) per day for up to 12 delegates trained onsite

(An additional charge for travel will be applied at 40p per mile from Sequence HQ to your premesis)