Strategic Marketing Skills Training:  




This course is for all those involved in the development of marketing plans. It will suit those managing smaller businesses needing to review their marketing strategy or marketing managers from larger organisations.


Delegates who have a working knowledge of marketing or who have completed our Introduction to Marketing training

Course Outline:

The course is about strategic planning to get the most from your marketing budget. As well as covering gap analysis, targeting and segmentation, it also looks at new ideas and best practice.  You will learn how to grow and defend your market position whilst maximising on profitability.

Course Content:

  • Strategic marketing decision making process
  • Challenging traditional strategic thinking
  • Understanding stakeholder value
  • Managing internal environments including competition, suppliers, customers and stakeholders
  • Managing external environments including legal factors, social influences and technological advances
  • The benefits of using marketing research and techniques for success
  • Competing in competitive markets
  • Developing a top down customer orientation
  • Ethics in marketing
  • Customer relationship management and marketing practices
  • Managing the organisational change and internal marketing
  • Budgetary considerations and how to set the level of marketing spend
  • Measuring financial return on investment
  • Marketing due diligence
  • Integrating the marketing mix-Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
  • Developing promotional strategies that create involvement
  • New product and service development techniques
  • The importance of innovation
  • Branding strategy and corporate image
  • Marketing services
  • International marketing strategy models

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Make strategic marketing decisions
  • Work successfully with stakeholders
  • Manage internal and external environments
  • Understand ethical marketing
  • Develop top down customer orientation
  • Develop / deliver and manage strategic promotions

Duration: 1 Day

No of Delegates: – The Total Number of delegates that can sit this is course is a maximum of 12 to uphold the quality of our training and to ensure the course is properly embedded to achieve the companies / individual goals. 

Prices –£849 (ex VAT) Per day for up to 12 delegates trained onsite

(An additional charge for travel will be applied at 40p per mile from Sequence HQ to your premises)